Sylvia Jean

French landscaper – decorator, Sylvia settles in Quebec in 2006 and works as an artistic director for 5 years. She designs and creates decors and Christmas light for numerous streets, SDC (local economic development organizations) and historical Montreal buildings.

In 2012, Sylvia launches her own business; Du Vert au Rouge, for greater creative freedom.

She develops her enterprise along two seasonal and complementary areas : Christmas illuminations and horticultures, her two main fields of expertise.

Since then, her company has not ceased growing. Sylvia is now known for her original ideas, her sense of esthetics, her attention to detail and her personal style..

Du Vert au Rouge

The activities are focused on festive and luminous decor.

Since its inception, the company has progress sedat breakneck speed due to an esthetic approach to the product coupled with a great sensitivity to client expectations. This rapid development would not have been possible without a relation of trust and priviledged communication with clients.

We travel the world in search of new trends, to offer the latest and most innovative technologies in light installations In order to always offer a positive and immersive experience.. We are proud to represent tproducts of european fabrication, world leaders in the lighting installations market.

Our workers are our most precious resources. Their enthusiasm and commitment to our success is our main asset. They are driven by strong values such asaudacity, congeniality and respect.

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From concept to reality, we are with you every step of the way.

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